Carbon Fibre Bonnets

Carbon Fibre2

Starting from $2200!

First Australian Street Legal Carbon Fibre Bonnets

After many years of testing and fine-tuning, we finally reached the results we wanted and needed to enable us to create our bonnets in our own designs in fibreglass and now carbon fibre to be approved by transport for street use in Australia.

Blits is the first company in Australia to do this and we are very proud of the work we do!

The fibreglass and carbon fibre industry has changed so much over the years and is now enabling us to create some amazing styles while still within the federal regulations. We can also now manufacture carbon bonnets and send them worldwide!

Modern Stylish Design

Our designs are stylish and come with open vents!

Make Your Car Stand Out

A carbon fibre bonnet can trully enhance the look of your car!

Aerodynamic For Performance

Improve performance by changing the engine bay temperature by around 20%

Keeping Your Budget In Mind

The team at blits can work with your allocated budget.


We Work With A Large Range Of Car Manufacturers

Carbon Fibre Bonnet Creation
Holden Full Logo
Holden1 1
Holden Commodore

Blits Camaro Style

Holden2 1
Holden Commodore

Blits Camaro Style

Holden3 1
Holden Commodore

Blits Camaro Style

Holden4 1
Holden Commodore

Blits Camaro Style

Toyota Full Logo
Toyota1 1
Toyota Supra

Carbon Supra Bonnet

Toyota2 1
Toyota 86

Blits 86 Varus Bonnet

Toyota 86 Bonnet
Toyota 86

Blits 86 Bonnet

Building High Quality Bonnets For Your Car

Get in contact with us now to have a quote of what we can do for you and your pride car.